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Who We Are

Our facility combines learning experiences and structured play in a fun, safe and nurturing environment – offering far more than just child care. Mack Family Daycare is the first introduction to a lifetime of learning, a journey that should start off on the right foot. We help children discover, explore and learn to their fullest potential.

Our enthusiastic caregivers genuinely care about children, and understand each child’s individual developmental needs and learning styles. They take the time to help each child discover, in his or her own way, a fascinating world of play and learning.

Mack Family Daycare encourages a highly productive partnership between teachers, schools, and parents. As a partner, you’ll have numerous opportunities to communicate with us about your child’s progress.

Our facility is equipped and sufficient to accommodate children who have mental and physical disabilities, including wheelchair accessible. Mack Family Daycare has partnered with the Los Angeles Regional Center in hopes of bridging the gap for students who require special attention on their path to knowledge and independence. All forms of government assistance programs are accepted. Uniforms must be worn at all times, no exceptions. 


Goals and Philosophy

  • That each child be treated as an individual, with love and respect.

  • Health, Safety and Education are given top priority on a daily basis to each child.

  • To help each child reach their mental, emotional, social and physical development potential.

  • Daily open communication between myself and the parent in order to provide

  • The highest level of care for the child.




  • Toddler/Preschool Daycare experience

  • Daycare Management

  • Over 139 units of Early Childhood Education

  • Child CPR and First Aid trained and Certified

  • Health and Nutrition Certified

  • Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) Certified

  • Individuals with Disabilities and Special Needs

  • References available upon request


"My kids and I were  homeless for about two long years,  and Mack Family Daycare became a safe haven for my children. They were not only able to eat healthy meals, but they had a place to sleep at night and a place to learn in the daytime."

Yvette L.

Mack Family Daycare has very experienced teachers, who are informative. The facility is very diverse, which gives my kids the opportunity to be exposed and grow from  other cultures."

Monique S.

"The daycare facility is always so neat and clean. The staff is very nice, and hands on with all the children individually. It's the best location and  is really  convenient and easy to get to. "

Tamara W.

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